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Default Re: Good PC for Pro Tools? Under 600

With your budget, building your own would be the best way to go. You can build with everything you need and that PC has some stuff I would skip(in addition to not knowing if the motherboard is compatible. Look at the threads here on self-built systems. A little homework will net you a list of parts that will give solid performance. Asus or intel motherboards, intel Q9550 and 4 gig of RAM are starters. Stay cheap on the video card(onboard video is a "no go"). I use a $37 MSI GeForce 7300LE with a pair of 22" flatscreens. You need 2 hard drives. The system drive can be small980-160gig is plenty). Audio drive can be as big as you like but I stop at 500gig(personal choice). Many Asus boards have working firewire ports(but a conpatible card is cheap anyway). I recommend all SATA drives(including DVD). I would also recommend Windows XP over Vista. While you will get differing opinions, more like XP and it is easier to setup for the "non-genius" (like me).
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