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Default Re: mbox pro doesn't show in session

Originally Posted by juicytunes View Post
It doesn't show in the system profiler.
In general way too little info to really help you, see the "Help us Help You - READ THIS Before Posting!" link above for the kind of stuff that really helps.

What are the front-panel lights doing on the Mbox? Do they appear to work/normal? Remove any other firewire devices from that firewire chain and computer all together. Try a different Firewire cable and FW400/800 adapter if used. Try a different port if possible. Be a bit paranoid about hot plugging/unplugging the Mbox Pro--try powering stuff off before moving the port etc.

Try downloading the latest Mbox Pro driver installer from Avid that is supported on your OS X version. Run the uninstaller in that download, reboot the Mac, run the installer, all with the Mbox Pro disconnected. Power off again, connect the Mbox Pro, power on the Mac, once it boots power on the Mbox Pro.

Make sure you have all the recommended OS X optimizations done - including disabling automatic updates.

If that does not work can you test the Mbox Pro on another computer?

Still having a problem after that we need much more info, exact Mac (model/version), exact OS X, exact Pro Tools and driver versions.

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