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Default Lock to Application alters on restart

Hey there,

I have noticed my Lock to Application settings change whenever I restart my system. Is that expected operation? Or is it potentially a bug? I want Entire Surface and Transport locked to Pro Tools, with the Monitor and Control room locked to DADman. It works great when I set it that way, but when I restart my system EuControl indicates that everything is locked to Pro Tools... including the Monitor and Control Room.

As a result, the monitor tab of Avid Control won't populate and the dock monitor control knob won't work unless I have DADman as the focused application... or until I go through and change the EuControl settings back to how I previously had them. I am running Pro Tools 2020.5, DADman and EuControl 2020.6.1.3
Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.5. OSX 10.14.6. HDX1. DAD DX-32R. DADman Mac Pro 2013. 10 Core 3.0gHz. 64Gb. 4x mSata SSD Drives + 4x HDD. AJA XT IO. Sync HD. Dobly Production Suite 3.4.
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