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Default Re: Lindell Audio lunchbox goodies???

Originally Posted by Third Eye Studios View Post
We are working on the Drip Opto 4, which is a LA2A clone. We are getting pretty close and might actually have it finished up this week. We are posting a few pictures and pics on our facebook page. Here's a link: I'm not actually doing the soldering, my tech buddy Jamey is, and it's turning out great!! All in all it will be about $1200 or so, a little more expensive than it says on the Drip site, but for a LA2A with Dual T4s (slow and fast), it's a bargain!!

I'm looking hard at those Lindell Kits too. The "pultec" eq looks awesome. We might do a stereo pair of the Drip pultec clones too. Hopefully this year!!
I'm looking at yours and you're using a pcb, while the one I'm planning to do is point to point. From your experience ( I don't usually do much duy for rackmount hardware) which do you think would be more accurate sounding?
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