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Default Re: Sibelius Tech-->Sibelius 6.2 Will NOT work on the Same Lion Machine as PT 9.0.5?!

thanks for the responses, I've been working a lot so not able to figure out the problem and contacting Sibelius help and paying the $30 dollars was ridiculous because they basically told me that its not their issue its "Pro Tools" issue so I have to contact Pro Tools and pay another $30 dollars, which is ridiculous, I've uninstalled both programs completely, removing miticulously every file associated with it. Re-installed them and still the same thing, I've "Obtained" a version of Sibelius 7 and installed that and It STILL does the same thing, It happens once I install The drivers for the 003.
I've been refused a refund, and I refuse to purchase another code, so Any Tech support out there gonna help me out please.
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