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Default Re: Pipe Dream Quadra system

I will add to this, that yes this all works great in a Quadra950. That is one of my machines in my basement lab.

I'm running A Q950 with 4 Protools Audio Cards, and a SysAxe. I've then got 4 4X2's attached to the cards and then run 10bt ethenet on the AAUI to transfer files later for post processing on a faster Mac and PC. Works great. Have recorded many a live performance with this setup for a small church band this way.

BUT if you have One Disk I/O card, One DSP Farm Card, then two Protools Audio Cards you might still be in luck. But they all have to have TDM interfaces on them. That will get you 8 channels of Recording I think, and total of 16 channels IO.....

Please Correct me if I am wrong. I might try this sometime later this week as an experiment.

Hang an 882 or 888 off the Disk I/O, and then the 2 4X2's off the the other two cards. You won't need the SysAxe card, BUT you will need TDM on all the cards and Protools 3.x I with TDM installed I would imagine. If you go the TDM route then you CAN use the PowerPC upgrade card in the PDS slot of the Q950 though!! The SysAxe card just chokes if anything PPC is in the machine.

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