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Default Re: Pro Tools 2018.1 low latency monitoring issues

Originally Posted by john1192 View Post
ok, here is what i found .. i use my Lynx Mixer like you use Apollo Console ..

1) LLM disabled i hear the Doubling

2) LLM enabled i hear no Doubling, just my direct monitoring

3) LLM enabled, hit playback and i hear the track playing back then hit record, and i can then go in and out of record and punch in - hearing what is playing in Pre-Roll, then hear the Punch - my direct monitoring only, then hear the Post-Roll after recording ( i have pre and post on 1 bar) ...

4) LLM enabled, if i hit Alt-K to turn on Input Monitoring i hear Doubling, then turn that off and LLM is still enabled and the Doubling goes away

still not sure what i am doing wrong or what LLM is dpoing wrong .. this all seems correct to me ..

what recording Mode are you guys working in ?? Normal, Quickpunch, etc ?? maybe this is where the difference is ..

happy to be doing something wrong !!! just not sure what it is yet ...

Thanks for that testing John, I wonder what is different about my system, it seems to be working correctly for you, but definitely not for me.

Iím usually working in quickpunch, Iíll experiment some more.
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