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Default Pro Tools 9 purchase help.

Am I right in thinking that if I bought an Mbox 2 with LE 7 I can upgrade to Pro Tools 9 LE (Pro Tools 9 Crossgrade from LE/M-Powered) and get rid of my mbox and just use the ilok i have to authorise?

i also have rme fireface 800-so now i can use this with LE9 as it's asio/core audio based? if so Yeeeeeeeees!

finally, it says "Additionally, you will need to enter your iLok ID and hardware interface serial number in order to activate your software. You will not be able to activate this product if you do not have these"

i take it my hardware interface serial number is my mbox serial number? so don't get rid of before registering pro tools 9....?

thanks for help
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