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Default Import Session Data or OMF Import creating regions of white noise

Hi there,

I have been using Pro Tools since version 6 and have never encountered this problem before.

Over the past few weeks I have had two different sessions and two different methods of session data import cause the same problem, that being regions being imported as full scale white noise.

Firstly, I had it with an OMF. I got a new version of the file and still the same issues. Was never able to fix it and had to do a major work around.

Then this weekend I build a show (audio only) from various sessions that I have edited over the week. Nothing complicated, an interview and VO and some clips.

After everything is edited in three or four files I bring them in using Import Session Data and line them up and mix. Never ever had a problem with this, 65 episodes...

What I got, again, from one session only, was full scale white noise. I checked back to the original session file, which opened fine.
So, I did a Save Copy In and rebuilt the session file. Same issue. In the end I had to import the raw audio into my main session and re-edit it.

Any ideas? I am totally at a loss. Everything else is totally fine and not having any issues.

I should add I am using a Mac Mini, Pro Tools 2019.6, everything up to date and High Sierra.


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