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Default Need to pick your brains.....

Ok guys I need some help. I am just about done building my new studio and now I need to upgrade a couple of things to get back if full swing. Here is my problem

I have a 001 with a Apogee Mini me hanging off of it of doing overdubs. I am probably going to but the digimax 96 because I like having the limiters for tracking drums. Now I can hook one up at a time and sync to external for either device but I would like to have everything hooked up at once and use the Apogee to track overheads while tracking the rest of the kit through the Digimax.

I need a word clock distribution amplifier. The problem is no one seems to make a spdif 1 in 4 out, lets say or a simular unit anymore. Aardvark had one but I found out they are out of business.

Does anyone know of a solution or have a unit they no longer are using that they would like to sell?

Aside from more inputs I would get the benefit of the Apogee clock that would improve all the converters in the 001 as well as the Digimax.

Hope I made since and hope someone can help me find a solution!

Thanks in advance,
Brent Willoughby
Kinetic Recording Studios
Orlando FL. USA
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