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Default big reason problems

I have the reason adapted(that came w/ live and Ik mutimedia ones) i have used the reason maybe 2 times since i have installed it(3 months ago). so i click on the reason icon and i get a pop up asking me for my name, organization, and license number. all i have on the orange card is the license # and registration code.i dont have a "organization code" ?? it regects my license code.
this has never happened before.

weird thing that happend today:
i had a semi large session open today and i changed the DAE playback buffer to level 4 from level 2, then i started getting pop ups about regestration errors and junk.( my 6.1.1 is regestered)then then i changed the DEA playback buffer to level 0, and got the same regestration errors.
Then i went to open reason ,a few hrs later and had problems. this is really fishy.
so i uninstalled reason then i reinstalled reason. and i still get the the organization/ licensed # pop up.
so i went to propellerheads webite tryed to seee if i regestered it on there. i didnt except my license #, so i go to "fequntlly asked Q&A" and says that some users are not allowed to veiw come content. ????????????????what??? totally useless popellerhead website!
I dont know what the problem is? i have used reason twice before...anyone??????
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