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Hi Welcome to DUC.

How much higher pitch? How much faster? That will likely tell you exactly what is going on. You can use elastic audio to adjust the speed and see how much change was needed to get it back to standard... Or easier just record a single note and measure the frequency on playback. With a tuner plugin or a spectrum analyzer.

An obvious mistake could be play back with Shuttle Lock causing a different playback speed. See the Pro Tools Reference guide.

What "else" could be running at 44.1 kHz? Your interface if the Axe FX III right... that's set as the Pro Tools Playback Engine. You are not trying to use an Aggregate Audio device or connecting the Axe FX III via AES/EBU etc. to another interface? And your session is at 48 kHz. (Do not assume double check) What else is there any any other clock rate.
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