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Default Playback issue

HI there,
So I use an Axe Fx III as my main interface for recording. I recently got a new Macbook and I'm running ProTools Ultimate on it but it has an issue which is playback. When I record it sounds normal and everything looks correct but when I playback the audio is at a higher pitch and a faster tempo.
I've checked and made sure the sample rate is correct and the same as my interface, which it is- at 48khz. I tried shutting everything off and relaunching but unfortunately, I'm still having the same issue. I read that this happens maybe somehow because something in the chain is recording 44.1 khz, but I can't change the Daw's sample rate from 48 to 44.1 to double-check.
If you have a solution or know how to troubleshoot this issue I desperately need your expertise.
Thank you for your time.
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