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Default Incomplete project upload/download to cloud?

Hi all

Very new user to Pro Tools First here, and I just had a horrible "scare" I'm hoping to avoid happening again!

Basically, what happened is that I opened up PTF last night to continue working on a project for which I'd spent 3 hours the PREVIOUS night recording vocals. BUT, when I opened up my project it was like my vocal recording had never happened! None of the tracks I'd recorded were there, and none of the WAV files were in the Project Cache audio folder! It was like the project had been sent back in time a day!

Now, you'll probably say, "well you didn't wait for the files to be uploaded to the cloud when you finished up recording". But i did. I watched the "task Manager" uploading until it completed, before shutting down my laptop.

And, for good measure, I also did another "Save" and waited for it to complete uploading again.

When I look at the % storage used, it has jumped up a fair bit, which would again confirm the tracks DID get uploaded.

So... Last night... after much swearing and throwing things about... And multiple attempts to force downloads and synchronize my project, I was able to locate the missing wav files in my computer Recycle Bin (and, no, I had not deleted them myself!). I was also able to find a file in the project cache called "<myprojectname>_Backup.ptxl" which I opened. I then got an option to auto recover (I think).

This seemed to have recovered the tracks, but they were empty. So then, after several attempts I managed to relink the missing WAV files I'd found in the Recycle Bin (after restoring them).

Net result, after 3 hours of wasted time, I now have my session back to where it should be (but am dreading what will happen tonight when I open it up again!).

So, what did I do wrong to get into this situation in the first place? How can I avoid it in future?

I will say that I have to work on VERY bad internet connection (ADSL 1) and so I'd rather NOT have to download/upload to the cloud every time - But I'm stuck with it right now.

I'm running on Windows 10 on an HP Spectre x360 16GB i7, using Pro Tools First (latest version I assume as I only downloaded it last week).

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