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Default hdx aaxdsp is dying

I contacted avid a few weeks ago as a potential hdx customer interested in what plugins were currently available for hdx/aaxdsp format. No one could tell me or provide a list of aaxdsp plugins. They have gotten rid of their plugin finder.

I find it utterly embarrassing that a manufacture can not tell you the compatible plugins on their top of the line product. I may actually post the actual thread as the conversation is way worst than what i am describing here…finally the rep tried to sell a one time support code in order to get to an actual specialist…even though I have a yearly contract subscription.

when a "specialist" replied, he didn't know either.

This coupled with the fact that hdx cards are out of stock nation-wide due to manufacturing issues, how in the heck does avid expect to keep this alive?

or maybe they don't!!!!

this is very bad on many levels
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