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Originally Posted by hooksound View Post
...buuut, there's still a link to the M-Audio WEB page on and the M-Audio WEB page still says "avid" in the headline. So it's not officially handed over .
There is lots of logistics to handle in a sale/aquisition and Avid has supply, manufacturing and distribution pipelines flowing with inventory they are likely flushing out. Who knows if InMusic even wants all the current product line. And even if they did its in both parties best interest for Avid to keep up the M-Audio web sites until those assets transfer over to InMusic--assuming InMusic took on support of existing customers. Who knows. I certainly would not buy anything from M-Audio without seeing what is really going on. OTOH I think getting rid of this business was well overdue, the crowded low end part of the market is not where Avid was goot at or should have been playing.

And the simple/obvious answer for folks who want/need a better supported/real Pro Tools story with better recent OS compatibility stories right now is to upgrade to Pro Tools 10. Otherwise you just have to sit and wait and hope inMusic and avid have a plan here. But if you cannot wait...Pro Tools 10.

And the jury may be out on wether the 003 has a future with Pro Tools 11 or not.

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