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Default Re: Another PTLE Stress Test- \"DaVerb Bounce Test\"

Hi guys,
Thank you for giving this test a shot. I actually, wasn't aware of a BTD bug. My concern was more consistancy in testing. Some guys would get different results from the same machine (without tweaking) I now believe that could be tempurature related.
Anyhow, I did notice the CPU drain when I would try to bounce a session. (JPS, I can't believe it zapped 20% out of your session. That bites!) So, I thought BTD was important, more so, then just recording. But, DaveC got here first, so, i'll continue to use his test and the Dverb test as well.

In the end, our machines should go far beyond what we need. Then we can get back to being creative, not testing 1dimm ramm vs 2dimm, or whatever the case may be. ...but, on second thought, someones got to do it.

Thanks again for being good sports!
Rock on,
Mike P~

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