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Default Another PTLE Stress Test- \"DaVerb Bounce Test\"

Hi everyone,
Ok, don't kill me... But, I felt the need to share my stress test. I thought the DaveC test is great, but does create some confusion for people. The Dverb test is more simple and to the point. So, I ripped off..ehem I mean, was inspired by these great ideas and added one more step. Bounce to Disk! I even call it, "DaVerb Bounce Test" ...Hey, Gotta pay hommage!

Click the link for the instructions and 60 second wave file of noise to download.

PTLE Stress Test

I am open to any suggestions and/ or critisism!

Watching guys fly past the 32 track limit got me thinking we could use a harder test. Basically, My point is to come up with a simple standard we all can use to messure our systems. I put 60 seconds of noise together that pulses. This way we all use the same sound.

I look forward to hearing opinions,
Mike P.

P.S. My Toshiba 1g Celeron laptop could not even bounce one track! Obviously NOT compatable. The same computer did 11 tracks on the DaveC test.
Rock on,
Mike P~

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