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Default Re: Exporting/importing audio files between PT le > Logic > PT le ?

I came across this info a while back:

Logic Audio Platinum is now able to import and export time stamp information via SDII regions. This feature makes the task of moving compositions between applications, such as between Logic Audio and Pro Tools, much simpler, because it allows you to easily restore the time position of a region once it's imported.
This feature will work with any application that can read and write time stamps to SDII regions. The following procedure is for moving files between Logic Audio and Pro Tools.

Logic Audio -> Pro Tools

In Logic:

1. In the Audio window, select the audio files that you wish to export. (If you are moving all the files and regions of a song, simply 'Select All')

2. Select Audio Window -> File -> Export SDII Regions. Logic will time stamp the regions according to their position in the Arrange window. NOTE: If the same region is used multiple times in the song, then Logic
will use the position of the first instance of the region. For this reason, you will generally want to make all regions in your song "individual regions" before starting this procedure. Use Logic's Arrange -> Functions -> Convert Regions to Individual Regions menu option to perform this task.

In Pro Tools:

1. Add the audio 'regions' using the Import Audio option found in the File or Region List menus

2. Enable 'Spot' mode (disable the auto spot function)

3. Drag the regions onto the desired tracks in the Edit Window. When the Time Stamp window appears, load the Original Time Stamp value into the Start Point window and Hit 'OK' . The region will now be located at the same position as it was in Logic Audio.
Pro Tools -> Logic Audio

In Pro Tools:

1. Select all the Regions in the Region bin that you wish to export

2. Select "Export Region Definitions" from Region List menu

In Logic:

1. Select Audio Window -> File -> Add Audio file to add the files that were exported from Pro Tools

2. Select the files you've imported in the Audio window and select File -> Import SDII Regions. The regions that now contain time stamped info will show up with small clock icons to the left of their name.

3. Drag the Regions into the Arrange window, onto the desired tracks.

4. With the Regions selected, choose the Functions -> Regions to
Original Record Position

NOTE: If the region has both an Original and User Time Stamp (see Pro Tools Documentation), then Logic will ask which time stamp you wish to use.
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