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Default Recording S/PDIF inputs w/ ADAT clock source on LT LE

My basic problem is this: I can't find a way to use the ADAT optical as the clock source on my Digi002R while recording both ADAT and RCA S/PDIF inputs simultaneously. As far as I can tell, anytime RCA S/PDIF inputs are active for recording, the PT LE expects to get it's clock source from the RCA S/PDIF as well. Is there a way to divorce these functions from one another?

The details are that I am attempting to integrate my new API A2D into my setup. The A2D is a 2-channel preamp with built-in AD converters which I'd like to output via RCA S/PDIF to my Digi 002Rack's RCA S/PDIF inputs. I also have an Apogee Rosetta 800 ADDA converter with the ADAT optical output already routed to the optical ADAT input of the Digi 002R. My plan is to use all 10 channels of conversion via both the API and the Apogee units at the same time for my larger sessions. I think the Apogee probably has a better clock than the API, so the best option would be to use the Apogee as the clock source and to sync both the Digi002R and the API to this.

I've already checked to see if the setup works when the API is used as clock source via RCA S/PDIF, and indeed it does. However, when I slave the API to the Rosetta via BNC word clock cable, PT LE reverts to its internal clock (I guess the clock is not throughput to the S/PDIF outputs of the API unit?). Any help? Any way to work around this without changing my clock source back and forth every time I track? Thanks.
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