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Default Help setting up Antelope Orion via madi to RME Madiface Pro

I'm hoping for any help and guidance. I'm a home user with no colleagues that know about this type of info.

I have an original Antelope Orion 32 that would only use 24 channels via usb. In order to maximize it, I just bought a Madiface Pro and hooked it up via Madi.

I haven't been able to get any signal back and forth from the Orion and I have not been able to lock the clocks whether I try internal RME or optical Orion.

The more I experimented, the less I feel I understand any of it. Between the Orion sofware, RME software and totalmix, and Protools IO (most current version) I'm completely lost.

Can someone help walk me through the set up? I know I'm asking a lot but I feel like I've exhausted all attempts, experiments, videos and walking through the manuals.

I'm on Windows 10, 64gb ram, I7 6700k, Original Orion 32, Madiface Pro, Protools 12 (current)

Protools sees the Madiface Pro and I can get audio out through the RME headphone out. However, the Orion isn't doing anything.

I can post screen shots of settings if that helps.

Thanks for your expertise.
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