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Default Rack gear, Amazon Fire 10 and lots of microphones for sale

Offering here before listing on evilbay Paypal accepted(use Friends&Family option for no fees). Shipping at post office rates. Photos available on request.

TC Electronics 2290 delay with original manual-very clean, new battery and full reset-$1350

Stam Audio SA4000 Mk 2 SSL bus compressor(transformer button does not light as I did not buy that option). Brand new(took 2 years to get and I sold my big rig in the meantime and am now all inn the box. $750(pre-order price is $890 and you won't wait forever)

Shure Beta 56-like new-$110
Shure Beta Green 5.0-good-$50
Shure SM-98(full kit)-Like New-$175(2 available)
Shure Beta 98(missing the drum mount)-Like new-$175
Joe Meek JM-27(pair) in special green finish-very good-$100
EV PL80(pair)-fair/well used(great for blistering loud guitar cabs)-$60
EV RE-50 Omni dynamic(location/reporter mic)-good-$65
Sennheiser e609-like new-$90
Sennheiser e906-very good-$140
Sennheiser e905(instrument mic)-like new-$180
Sennheiser e865-very good-$150
Tannoy TM-1-new in box-$90(2 available)
AKG D-112-refinished and looks great, w/clip but no box-$125
AKG D5-like new-$75
AKG D1000e(pair)-fair(no clips)-$100
AKG PF80 popper stopper-like new-$30(2 available)
AKG CK391-like new-$400(2 available)
Rode Reporter(location omni)-very good-$75
Audix D-6-Like New-$150
NOS R5 ribbon-good(in wooden box, no clip)-$90
MXL V67-new in box with used shock mount-$90
MXL 2001-like new with used shock mount-$85
MXL 990/991 set(large and small condensers)-like new in original cases-$75(2 kits available)
Gigabyte X79/intel i7 3930K, 32GB RAM, Presonus Studio 1810C

I started in this business with nothing..........and I have most of it left

BTW, my name is Dave, but most people call me.........................Dave

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