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Default Re: 003 mic preamp quality?

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
That's very interesting Dave. I looking for an Aurora 16 with a AESe, but now you got me thinking hard about the Midas.
Well, so far, I got 3 people to go for the Midas and all 3 are quite happy I connected mine via lightpipe for a year and then moved it to analog inputs on a 192. Can't say I heard any audible change(but that allowed me to have the outputs on a patchbay for inserts before A>D). It also has AES out for higher sample rates(among its other unique routing features) Keep in mind that I only ever used it for drums(once it beat my boutique preamps, I just never had a reason to experiment further).

For studio folks that never were interested in live sound, the Midas XL4 was(and may still be) considered the finest sounding live console ever made(apologies to the competition) XL-48 is based on that preamp
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