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Default Multiple Outputs Issue, Please Help

Hi guys,

I'm running two separate outputs in PT and am having an issue where anytime I turn the fader volume down on the one output (namely the KRKs), it turns the volume down on the other output (the QSCs). So if I turn the KRK output fader all the way down, I get no volume from the QSC output.

To be more clear, here are the outputs I have going in the session:

1) One to a pair of KRK studio monitors, going from my MOTU 828 MKIII into the KRK's
2) The second to a pair of QSC PA speakers, out from my MOTU 8Pre USB preamp unit into the QSC's.

The 828 and the 8Pre are setup and connected together and work fine.

I'm wondering if this is a bussing issue? If so, how to fix so that I can turn the fader on either up and down and it won't affect the other output volume?

I've attached a pic. The 3 channels in red (KRK / QSC / PHONES, accordingly) are the outputs.

Thanks in advance!
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