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Default TC Voicestrip alternative?

I've come to rely on TC Voicestrip to get some great sounding vocals for some time now on my G4/MixPlus system.. Now that I have upgraded to HD/G5 I see that TC has decided not to port TC Voicestrip over to HD/OSX.. (Seems they only make it for TC's PowerCore) Anyway.. I'm trying to find a plug-in that fattens up my vocals the way that the Voicestrip did. The pre modeling and compression is silky smooth without killing the dynamics.. It sounds a lot like a Manley Vox Box. If anyone knows of an alternative Plug-in please help a brother out..

One other thing.. I thought about purchasing the VST version and then using the VST to RTAS converter.. but I would really prefer a TDM version so that I can bus the vocals to an aux.

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