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Default PT 2020 installer files

Hi everyone,

I just upgraded to PT Ultimate (perpetual license) from PT11. In the "My Products" page on the AVID site there are tons of additional downloads available beyond the the normal 2020 installer files. I'm a little confused on what to download for optimal video playback performance and also which plug-ins will be available to me beyond the one year of updates and such included within my perpetual license (should I choose not to keep the annual subscription going).

So far I've only downloaded the PT Installer, but there a bunch of files underneath such as "HD Driver 2020" "Codecs PE" "Codecs LE" and then a bunch of the "AIR" effects and instruments. I've opened a few old sessions and the video files seem to be a bit grainy on some of them and wondering if maybe it's because I didn't d/l and install the codec files. I just can't seem to find any info about what those actually are. Beyond that, if I d/l and use the AIR effects, does anyone know if they will stop working after the one year is up? I have the perpetual license, but I'm sure AVID will try to give me things to entice me to keep an annual thing going, I just want to know what those instruments and effects are that fall into that category.

Thank you!
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