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Default Re: Pro Tools 9 on non-Avid-qualified computers: Share your experience!

Originally Posted by JMS40 View Post
Maybe I'm pointing out the obvious, but custom builds that use qualified components ARE "qualified" computers. No one is saying you MUST buy a prebuilt "overpriced HP or Dell workstation". In fact, many long time users here would steer you away from these.
Read the sticky threads regarding working builds HERE and stick with proven components.
That is by far your safest bet.
Deviate from known working systems with Pro Tools at your own risk.

It is the qualified components that matter. If someone puts those components together for you then you pay a lot more. It's that simple.

To the OP. I have Cubase as well. It is definitely not as picky as PT regarding using it on your average computer, but you still need powerful, fast components if you need to run a lot of audio and virtual instrument tracks.
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