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Default Re: Ambisonic Audio in PT2018

I am using the new PT 1st order Ambisonic tracks to create B-Format masters from my A-Format field recordings. I use VVEncode to do the B-Format encoding on a 1st order track that contains the audio. I then bus that output to a second 1st order PT record track to make the B-Format master. Trouble is this: anything recorded on a PT 1st order Ambisonic track is stamped with unreadable track order metadata. I know this because when I try to import something I have recorded on a PT 1st order track, I cannot preview it with IMPORT audio NOR will Quicktime play it, NOR will my library browsing program play it. When I do a "GET INFO" in Quicktime on a file recorded on a 1st order track, the FORMAT field has ???? marks (see below) where the channel layout should be. Is this a PT bug? Am I using the wrong signal path? The only solution I have found is to copy the new B-Format recording to a Quad PT track and DUPLICATE the audio, thereby rendering a channel layout that PT, QT and others can read. Curious to hear what others have found.
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