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Default Re: NI Battery 4/Eleven Rack Issue

Thanks Darryl. I posted on the NI forum several times over the past 6 weeks...nothing from support. I guess there aren't enough people experiencing these crash problems to get any "traktion". Sweetwater folks helped me find a workaround, now using another interface when using Battery 4 and 11R otherwise. As long as I don't need to change kits or samples, 11R works fine when playing Battery tracks and all other NI instruments work normally as they have for several years.

In the meantime, I've upgraded to the latest Pro Tools and Plugin releases, reorganized and cleaned up a lot of data on my drives and just finished installing a new SSD. So my system is otherwise running better than ever as a result of trying to cure this weird issue. None of this changed the original problem. I'm glad that it isn't a broader issue with the 11R. I'll post back if I ever solve the puzzle.

Thanks again Darryl for your efforts, insights and comments.
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