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Default Eleven rack problems for and old fellow, help.

I have searched and searched trying to get my eleven rack to be controlled on my laptop and record. I have been playing for 30 years, have tried several times to make this work, have spent lots of money and time, and havent recorded a thing. I live in the country and have to dribe 20 miles to download stuff. I really dont have an idea what im doing. Ilearned to play on cassette tapes. Please excuse my ignorance, i have searched. I really need help. I have been able to get pro tools to open, and i have been able to get the eleven rack to connect to the laptop. But i havent tried to actually record. I am confused as to what version of eleven rack editor to download, or whatever i need to do to get the eleven rack controls on the dang screen. All i get is a small window saying eleven rack. I have the ilok license manager working, i dragged my protools license to the ilok key. I believe pro tools and the ilok is fine. I do have the info someone would need to know what i have installed. I just want to controll the rack from the computer, without having to download twenty times and drive 1500 more miles trying to figure it out. Here is the info:

Eleven rack firmware version 2.0.1
Win 10 home, version 1803, os build 17134.648
Pro Tools version 2018.4.0
Eleven rack driver 1.1.11 (x64)

What do i need to download to get everything working?

Thank you and please forgive my ignorance.
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