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Default Re: ProTools 12.8.1 and Digi 003 Console

Hi all,

I've been away from PT for awhile but have come back as I have a project that needs it. I have an old Digi 003 desk that I would like to get running with it. At the moment nothing seems to be happening.

I'm running PT 2018.12.0 with MacOS Mojave 10.14.3

I've download the Avid 003 family app (v. 11.1.5) the app recognises that the hardware is connected. But protools itself does not.

It most likley needs a firmware update. I've tried to force this by holding the Aux in 7/8 and Mute buttons which does put it into "Load firmware" mode. But when I start PT it doesn't push it out.

Any ideas/suggestions to get this going would be greatly appreciated.
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