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Default Re: ProTools 12.8.1 and Digi 003 Console

I'm not the last word on this, but in case you are new to all this, be aware that "hot-patching" the firewire(plugging or unplugging the FW cable with things powered ON) can, and often will fry the FW circuit in the 003, which can cost $325-500(unless you are skilled in micro-soldering)

Then, High Sierra is brand new and not particularly "friendly" with Pro Tools(better chance with the latest 12.8.2 version) and the 003 being an unsupported product now(unsupported doesn't always mean "doesn't work", but its only a matter of time(and software updates) that will kill it(I'm not a Mac guy so all I can do is relay info I have seen on HS, so far)
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