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Default PT MIDI Tracks Disabled on Session Relaunch of Imported Session


I have no MIDI problems when working in Pro Tools session that I create.

However when I collaborate with someone, they send me a, "save copy in" session and rather than opening it (I prefer my system settings and I/O), I import the tracks in.

They import fine and I work fine in that session however after I save and close that session, the next time I open it, NONE of the MIDI tracks are mapped to the proper VIs or their MIDI channels within that VI.

I've swept through the DUC and found this bug in multiple places where the MIDI directly on the Instrument track is disabled and then you go to the INSTRUMENT view and re-map it and it works again.

This situation is much worse as these are multiple tracks of MIDI mapped all over the place and the likelihood of human error of re-wiring every track is very high.

Any help on this matter will be appreciated as my job is dependent on it.

Again...this only happens when I import the tracks in that were made on another system and then save it and re-open it. It works fine at the time of importing. Re-opening it causes the entire thing to fail.

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