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Default S6 Tip o the Day

Lets take a closer look at some of the minor, but important tweaks added when Attentioning a track from Pro Tools in S6 19.7. Located in Settings > User preferences, Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area determines which user interface areas within the DAW, when clicked, will trigger a track attention and populate one or more of the specified sections on the console. If Plug-Ins, Pan Controls or Sends are enabled, simply clicking on any one of those interface elements in Pro Tools will attention the associated track and populate the sections on the console as set in the user preference Display Knobs From Most Recently Clicked DAW Area.

For our workflow example, weve chosen 2nd Expand Knob and Fader Modules. On my 16 fader console, the LEFT knob module has been defined as the 1st Expand Knob and the modules in the 3rd (RIGHT) bucket define the 2nd Expand Knob and the Attention Expand Fader zones.

In addition to the Plug-Ins, Pan Controls and Sends, weve also enabled Track Name and Edit Window. With these options enabled, the behavior diverges from the initial implementation in S6 19.5.x. When clicking, either in the Editor or on a Track Name, S6 will populate the chosen attention zones using the default functions as set by the user under Home > Local Options (gear).

As shown below, my 1st Expand Knob Function on Attention is set to EQ and the Backup is set to Inserts (Any). The 2nd Expand Knob Function is the one we are concerned about as it matches what weve chosen for Display Knobs From Most Recently Clicked DAW Area.

The LEFT side of the console, on attention, will follow the options that Ive defined under the Home > Local Options. The RIGHT side of the console will be populated from the DAW based on what is clicked. For Plug-Ins, Pan and Sends, the function is already determined and will be loaded into the user specified zone(s), which in my case is the 2nd Expand Knob and Attention Expand Fader. If the user clicks in the DAW using a method which does not have an associated function (Track Name, Edit Window, Fader, etc.) then the console will favor the Home > Local Options settings for these zones. For my 2nd Expand Knob and Attention Expand Faders the primary function is set to Dynamics, with a Backup function set to Inserts (Any).

19.7 Attention-DAW Improvements
Jeff Komar
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