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Let's take a closer look at some new troubleshooting options that have been added to S6 in the latest version:

You now have the ability to let S6 automatically collect all of the relevant logs and configuration files from the Master Module with a single button press.

Navigate to Settings > About and touch Collect Files. The Master Module will ask where you want to save the zipped bundle which defaults to C:\Users\S6User\AppData\Local\Avid\S6\. It is certainly possible to change the path from the default if you so choose.

The files being collected include:
MTM Log Files
Module Data
User Preferences
System Preferences
Surface Arrangement
Network Setup
Expected WS List
Monitoring Settings
Appsets...and more...

I mentioned in a previous post that it can be beneficial to create simple file shares on the Master Module in order to simplify the process of accessing essential S6 files.
Connect to the s6mastermodule:

Here's the default path location when performing Collect Files:

Lastly, WSControl also now includes the ability to Collect Support Files from the local Workstation:

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