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Default Swapping Functions into Zones

Let's take a closer look at leveraging all of the various module real estate on your S6 console. We have a configuration which includes dual Attention Knob Zones, a set of Attention Expand Faders, as well as the 2 sets of encoders which are always docked to the Master Touch Module accessible from the Home page. This can be created on either a 5-knob or 9-knob S6 system. I've chosen to create a small 9-knob configuration and configured two Attention Knobs and an Expand Fader zone in that 3rd bucket. You could just as easily configure your 5-knob console by dragging from the configuration slider a block which is Fader, Attention Knob, Attention Knob. After configuring, simply configure the Fader as an Attention Expand Fader.

We're going to first ensure that the option under the Home > Local Options (gear) for Knob View is set to All Functions and not Selected Functions. When viewing the Home page, which shows an exploded view of all possible parameters for the Attentioned track, touching on a block in the Function Scroller will NOT hide the other parameters, but rather, it will show all of the possible virtual parameters arranged in columns by their color-coded function.

All of the interactions described in the below video are performed from the Home page for the Attentioned track. Simply touch any of the small virtual knobs on the touchscreen, then touch any of the Attention Knobs or Faders to dock that type of parameter (by function) into the chosen zone. For Expand Faders, remember that it is necessary to first create Expand Fader Maps for any of the functions that your would like to populate. This includes individual Insert Parameters for plug-ins, Pan, Sends, EQ, Mic Pre, etc.


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