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Default Preferences Nomenclature

Perhaps there is already a thread for this but I didn't see one in my search. I thought it might be helpful to get feedback and ideas on the wording used in the various preferences. I know this is a very difficult thing and what makes sense to one person might not to another. For example hearing, Europeans refer to lapel microphones as radio microphones took me a second to figure out what they were talking about.


Banking Justification Mode = Auto-Banking Justification Mode
Has nothing to do with the 4 banking buttons so that adds clarity (i.e. single and double arrows under L Spill and R Spill buttons).

"Merge Layout at Stored Position" = "Merge Layout at Stored Position for Full & Partial Layouts"

"Auto-Bank to Track Mode" = "Auto-Bank to Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area Preference" or if you need to go simpler "Auto-Bank to Attention Options" or "Auto-Bank to DAW Changes."

I've mentioned a few of these in other threads but it seemed like a dedicated thread might be helpful. I'm curious if anyone has other things they think might make things more clear. Or groupings that would be more obvious with what settings affect other settings. I think overall a fantastic job has been done, again not easy and I understand that these are just opinions but I feel like I might better understand why some things were named the way they were with a thread like this.
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