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Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post
No issues here.

The picture you posted is of the (correct) expanded EQ appset for McDSP SA-2. It appears that you inadvertently cycled through and landed on SA-2 presuming it was in fact DMG Equality.
ohh.. I see. but...
I have set my cycling to start at the slot B (equality).

So, by the info you gave me, the SA2 is expanding on the first press on the EQ button - shouldn't it be the Equality? And even after several presses, the Equality did not shows up - no cycling occurs.

So my complaining was wrong, but now, knowing that you bring up, I understand that when I press the EQ button the first EQ is to come up, right? If that assumption was right, is there some issue here?

Is it possible to set S6/Pro Tools to not cycle?

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