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Default Re: Additional 16 Auxes!!!

if you need more than 24 auxes, think about your setup. if you do monitors you mostly spend a whole auxsend for one simple reverb, eg. main vocal. you can free that aux and use the matrix to feed that reverb. put the matrix pickoff to post fader. than use the user input of the matrix to feed the matrix with the desired input channel. now initiate a reverb and use the matrix as the input to the plug.done. you get 8 matrix mixes and 8 pq mixes if you like. you can do cool setups with each tom of a drumset with a different reverb. takes only 3-..... matrixes depnding on the drummer. the big advantage compered to insert it in the channel is that you have access to ther return. you can adjust it for every musician saperately.

have fun
Alternatively, you can also use "direct out" to do just that. Feed the "return" of the reverb (in this case reverb for vocal) to an unused channel or FX return and you free up another valuable Aux.
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