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Default Re: Delay compensation ignored on commit?

Originally Posted by Eric Lambert View Post
I strongly disagree and can't find any single reason why the two need to match. There should be an evolution of this technology, not an adherence to an unnecessary and antiquated limitation. What would be the practical point of that? When we make the decision to commit a track we've left real-time audio for good reason and we want audio in sync.

In fact, "commit" could become a NEW option for situations when a track is forced to cross the compensation threshold. I'd even argue that it makes zero sense to limit this function artificially IF ProTools is able to compensate for any delay when freezing tracks.

Out of curiosity, how does Logic deal with this?
More fundamentally .... Why, when doing a "ground up', "complete rewrite", of Pro Tools for 64bit, did Avid choose to perpetuate an archaic limit on maximum length of delay compensation?

Surely Avid must have known that there are commercially released plugins around that by their very nature generate long delays? Was this another piece of old code that was simply copied and pasted, warts and all, into the 64bit compiler?
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