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Default Re: mbox with g3/osx versus os9

Clocking: Yes! You can get External clock from the digital interfaces (SPDIF / ADAT depends on hardware).

System: Again, depends on your machine.
G3 500Mhz ? Powerbook / Ibook / B&W ?

The Ibook should do fine with PT6 but you'd get abit less than your needs.

I've tested PT6 with my Powerbook G3 300.
Just back to OS9 [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] .
System couldn't handle it well. everything was slow and sluggish.

No matter which way - OS 9 would provide better performance for G3s.

You should get about 9-11 tracks on the DaveC with 500Mhz/OS9.

That's sure enough for 14tk/1dverb some plugs.
Just wanna do music,
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