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Default Re: Midi Keyboard recommendations please

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
There are a few controllers in your price range, but they all(to my taste anyway) have a terrible feel. I would actually hit craigslist and look for a used synth or electric piano with midi on it. As an example, I wanted a 61 key controller with un-weighted keys for playing organ parts(my other controller has weighted keys). After looking at several $200-$500 controllers, and hating the keybeds, I scored an old Ensoniq Mirage keyboard. Very simple and limited, but it has a good feel and works dandy for organ and synth playing, and cost me$50. Lots of used Yamaha and Casio weighted pianos on the used market(if you want weighted piano action) too. Hit the local music stores(and bring the wife). There's nothing like actually playing on these things to see what I mean(or if it matters).
Thank you for the recommendation! Will do! God bless!
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