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Default Re: Why PT10 is not 64 bit... let's get this over with ;)

Originally Posted by zcherries View Post
Really? Other DAW's have had this stuff for YEARS, and they were still 32 bit. They're now 64 bit, and PT is still stuck in 32 bit land.

Otherwise, the new features look impressive.
Because it's the "Real Time AudioSuite" and "Time Division Multiplexing" that keeps it from being 64 bit and from allowing offline rendering.

Pro Tools is really the only host that supports two proprietary plugin formats, and now 10 has to host 3. Which means there would have to be a bridge for all 3 platforms. Instead, Pro Tools itself acts as the bridge. Once RTAS and TDM are phased out, AAX will be the only format and it will be 64 bit. It will allow for an entire recode of Pro Tools from the ground up, and give us a lighter weight platform with more of the features we expect.

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