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Default Re: Splitting midi regions and midi notes

Originally Posted by Calon View Post
Can somebody please explain the relationship between midi regions and midi notes in PT LE. When you separate a midi region ( in region view) it doesn't separate the midi notes as well. This is totally different to any other DAW I've used eg Reason, Cubase, Ableton. In those progs when split a clip you end up with 2 distinct clips, eg say u split a four bar chord in the middle you end up with 2x 2 bar chords with the midi notes neatly split as well. But to do that in PTLE you need a 2 stage process where you separate the midi notes first ( in notes view) and then split the region in region view. Why does PT behave like this, what is the advantage of it? If you just split the region in region view the midi notes are left extending beyond the first region and the second region has no data at all. Is there a way to split the region and the notes at the same time ? Thanks.
PT does this (as does Digital Performer) because it works in whole notes - in order to select a note you have to select the whole note. There is no way to split the region and notes at the same time. As to why PT and DP do this and what the advantage is - I have no idea.
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