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Originally Posted by Norad155 View Post
eSata hands down.
We have macPros running a Sonnet Tempo esata card with glyph drives. It's the same as working on an internal drive.
We run full length feature sessions off of a single drive with no problem.

Can't find a downside to eSata
Same success here, on a G5 for at least a couple years. I happily retired my SCSI 10k Cheetahs after installing the eSATA card. Rock solid performance and reliability--until last week, that is...

The Tempo Sonnet-X4P firmware updater script (v.2.1.7), which permits hot-swapping, will cause problems with Mac OS 10.5.6, preventing the ability to drag & drop (or copy and paste) files in the Finder, immediately after running the script. This is repeatable, even on a fresh, lean boot drive with only Leopard and Pro Tools installed. So far, the only fix I found was to erase the boot drive and downgrade to 10.5.5. Further, I am not convinced that PT8cs2 and the Tempo card are fully compatible because after the PT upgrade, I experienced a few kernel panics and glitches in files (after consolidating or Recording To Disk) that were accessed via the eSATA ports. Fortunately, all is stable at the moment. We'll see...
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