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Default Auto Match Pull Factors & 25fps to 24fps workflow

Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out how to work with the pull up and pull down features of Pro Tools. I'm working in PAL.

At the moment, whenever we do cinema mixes (so going from 25fps to 24fps) we get a stretched video version to work with. These stretched versions basically run 25fps, but simulate 24fps.

There are a few questions now in mind (let's assume the 25fps film is 50 seconds long):

* If the film is being processed 1:1 - meaning 1 frame in 25fps is 1 frame in 24fps - the film would slow down to 52 seconds. Would the pulldown feature work here? And if yes - how?
* Audio Rate Pull Up/Down allows up to 4% Up or Down, but Video only shows options for 0,1 % Up or Down. In the manual though, it says you can pull video up/down to 4%. Am I using the wrong video-codec to do this or do I need the Avid peripheral? Or why can't I see the 4% Video Pull Rates?
* The manual also explains about "Auto Match Pull Factors". But I can't see it in my session window at all. Does anyone know why that could be? Or could someone explain where exactly in the session window this can be found (maybe I am seriously blind!!)

Thanks for your helps,
G5 10.13.6
PT Ultimate 2019.12.0
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