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Default Re: New Hackintosh / PT7 monster HD PCI Rig

Originally Posted by Basstian View Post
Hej Guys,

i know, that it is not the same thing as building one, but I just wanted to inform you that I bought a Hackintosh from a company in hamburg germany. Pre configured an shipping with OS X Lion.

It arrived today and it is absolutely unbelievable how fast the machine is.

i7 3.2 GHz, 24 GB Ram, PT 10 CPTK

The installation was just as on a normal Mac and everything runs a lot better than on my Quadcore 2.66 Late 2009.

SSL MADI Extreme - working
UAD 2 - working
BMD Intensity Pro - working

All Softube and PSP Plug Ins, Massey Waves and Audioease stuff - working

And everything really fast. Could not make PT crash. Not even with the
make it crash session from

will keep you updated, if you like.

It is a gigabyte board with ATI 5770 graphics.

Can post some more info if asked for.

I'm not in any connection to the company. This is no commercial. I am just happy.

Was pretty unhappy with my last 2 MacPro's

Each of them lasted nearly exactly 2 years before becoming extremely buggy and unreliable without changing anything. Hope this on will keep me happy a little bit longer. At least my bank account is happy, for it was way cheaper than a new MacPro.


Thanks for posting.

What is the company you ordered from? Do they have a website?
Also could you give the specific model of the gigabyte mother board used for you build?

Do you have a specific link for the "make it crash session from" you speak of?

Did not find it there.

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