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Default Re: Fast track is unknown device

Originally Posted by sunka_killer View Post
Guys, thanks for your advices.
Darryl: A tried almost everything, even every USB slot.... I think it's really fried.. For your budget and stuff questions.. I'm only a conservatory student, so I only need to record something to school once in a while. Sometimes I have some idea, so to hear how it sounds, I record more instruments but you know, I'm not a big producer or something so.... I want something good but it doesn't have to be a professional sound card.
I think the 2i2 would be a good choice. Much better IMHO to save other money up for monitors, headphones, microphones, etc. oh and guitars

I think the 2i2 is much more flexible for many uses than the cheaper Solo... e.g. you can record a vocals and acoustic guitar with two mics or vocals and an electric guitar DI, etc. or an electric guitar DI and a cab mic, or a keyboard/synth in stereo, ... just a lot more flexible to have two inputs available.
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