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Default Re: Sc48 and pt10 32 channels

While we are at it, I'll let you know a way for a workaround if you end up having issues with FWx card firmware updater. I had some problems with that. When trying to run the updater for the SC48 FW card, I instantly got a message of Firmware being up to date, even though it obviously was not (19-32 channels grayed out). So I finally had an idea of opening Pro Tools up and THEN running the firmware updater (my FWx32 driver for PT was already installed). So then when PT was running I was finally able to successfully run the Firmware updater for FWx card as well and now everything is cool. Will try to downgrade to PT9 to see if I can make it work too, Robb has said to my colleague at Frankfurt Music messe that PT9 should work too.
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