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Default Re: Control Surface vs. Digi 002 vs. Control 24?

You know, unless you plan on doing a lot of recording for many parts, the 002 seems like it'd suffice. It's still a pretty impressive looking unit in the professionalism department, so I don't think that's the major concern.

Unless you were just looking for some support from a gearhead addict, in which case:

"More is better! How dare you not buy the most expensive one? That's how you know it's better! Besides, the other inferior products are merely stepping stones to what you really want. C'mon man, buy the 24. You know you want it. Look at that, it's even got a cool moniker."

So I say you have to ask yourself, What do you want, a 24 or a 2? Looks to me like the 24 is clearly 12 times a better machine. You should buy now. put it on credit. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Of course I just spent half my unemployment check on a dvd burner. What? I NEED it.
I guess I'm back.
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